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Seminar on UHC at ADB’s Annual meeting in Baku

Seminar on UHC at ADB’s Annual meeting in Baku

May 5, 2015: The Seminar series alongside the Asian Development Bank Board meeting in Baku featured a session on Universal Health Coverage: "Revealing the financial solutions for UHC". The semi...

WHO GCM dialogue on NCDs

WHO GCM dialogue on NCDs

April 23, 2013: The World Health Organisation hosted the meeting of the Global Coordinating Mechanism on NCDs from April 20-21 in Geneva. The dialogue focused on ways "to encourage the inclusion of...

Global Philanthropy Forum

Global Philanthropy Forum

April 24, 2015: The Global Philanthropy Forum was held in Washington from April 21-23. Hosted by Jane Wales, the Forum focused on "Disruptors and Decision Makers" this year. With a focus on busines...

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Heartfile is a respected health policy voice in Pakistan; its initiatives at the health systems level have inspired new initiatives in the country

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Heartfile's pioneering contribution in the area of developing country NCD prevention and control policy is acknowledged worldwide.

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An innovative mHealth-enabled health financing system, aimed at fighting medical impoverishment, which is being steadily up-scaled in Pakistan