Heartfile at the Third Annual IPIHD Forum

April 21, 2014: The 3rd  Annual International Partnership for Innovative Healthcare Delivery (IPIHD) Forum was held in Washington DC, USA on April 6, 7, this year. Held on the sidelines of the 11th World Healthcare Congress, the forum convened leading healthcare entrepreneurs, global institutions, investors and organizations interested in learning about innovative healthcare delivery models from across the world. Dr. Anis Kazi, Senior Manager, Policy Advocacy and Research at Heartfile, represented the organization and gave an update about its  award-winning program, Heartfile Health Financing. Additional details on the meeting can be accessed here.

Re-launch of the Pakistan Health Policy Forum

April 14, 2014: We are excited to announce the launch of Heartfile’s Pakistan Health Policy Forum, a platform with commentaries, resources and updates on Pakistan-relevant health and population issues. In addition to being a discussion portal and serving as an archive, this forum will also serve as a sounding board for health governance issues to be identified, which Heartfile subsequently plans to frame for deeper discussion through Webinars and its policy analysis stream of work. The Pakistan Health Policy Forum, was created in 2000 and is now being re-calibrated to exploit the benefits of online connectivity and social media. The Moderator, can be contacted for further details in this regard.

Launching Heartfile’s 2014 End Medical Poverty campaign

April 7, 2014: On the occasion of World Health Day, Heartfile is launching it’s #EndMedicalPoverty campaign to support the inclusion of Universal Health Coverage in the post-2015 framework. Through highlighting case stories from Heartfile Health Financing, our campaign aims to underscore the need for financial risk protection in health without which hundreds of millions of people will continue to suffer from healthcare related financial catastrophe worldwide each year.