The 2015 Harvard Pakistan Forum

March 30, 2015: The Harvard Pakistan forum was held in Boston on March 28 and 29. The title of the meeting “rediscovering a nation” and the guiding principles of “Unity, faith and discipline” were inspirational. Our President, Dr. Sania Nishtar was one of the three keynote speakers, alongside Ishrat Hussain and Hussain Dawood. Her talk focused on Health and Governance.

Sania Nishtar at the Pakistan Harvard Forum 2015

The 2015 Harvard Pakistan Forum

Pakistan conference at Harvard University kicks off by Beena Sarwar; The News International: March 29, 2015

The Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity

March 27, 2015: The World Health Organization’s Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity has commenced its regional consultations and hearings. The first in the series, the Western Pacific Region Consultation was held in Manila on March 24. Our President, Sania Nishtar, Co-chair of the Commission led the consultation. The commission has recently opened its Interim report for an online consultation. An accompanying Commentary in The Lancet authored by co-chairs, Sir Peter Gluckman and Sania Nishtar along with Timothy Armstrong from the WHO Secretariat highlights the global burden of childhood obesity and underscores the need for effective strategies to tackle childhood and adolescent obesity in different contexts around the world.


Interview process for ED HEC post completes: The Nation; March 22, 2015

Ending childhood obesity: a multidimensional challenge

Peter Gluckman P, Nishtar S. Armstrong T. Ending childhood obesity: a multidimensional challenge. The Lancet 2015. DOI:

Accessible here

Vote for our President

March 4, 2015: This is a request from Heartfile to Vote for our President Dr. Sania Nishtar, who has been nominated for the Women Power 50 Contest. You can vote by clicking this link.

Sania Nishtar’s Wikipedia profile can be  accessed here. Details about her can be accessed here.