About Us

Heartfile is a non-profit NGO think tank with a focus on analytical work and innovative solutions for improving health systems in order to achieve Universal Health Coverage in Pakistan, and in other developing countries.

Our Vision:
Vision is a future in which the entire population of Pakistan. Has an equal opportunity to attain the highest possible level of health and well-being. In this future:

  • Health policies will effectively address inequalities in health.
  • Excess mortality, morbidity and disability, and care-givers burden- especially in poor and marginalized populations – will be reduced
  • Risks to health that arise from environmental, economic, social and behavioural causes will be mitigated
  • Health systems will be financially fair and will be designed to meet the specific needs within the context of health promotion as well as treatment, prevention and control of diseases

Our focus:

Analysis and advocacy at the health policy and systems level: we focus on analyzing health systems’ policies and strengthening the evidence base of health reform. Most of this work is generated at Heartfile’s initiative but some work in research and analysis may be commissioned by UN agencies. Heartfile maintains intellectual independence and integrity in all commissioned work by controlling the research design and scope, methodology, and reporting of results. We also provide an independent voice for the protection and promotion of health.

Innovative solutions for improving health systems: we develop and deploy innovative solutions for health systems’ strengthening. The Heartfile Health Financing project and Heartfile’s work in non-communicable diseases is part of this approach. Heartfile Health Financing is an Health enabled social protection systems which enables financial access of the poorest of the poor to healthcare. As a “development initiative” it is Heartfile’s practical entry point to health reform, whereas as a “humanitarian initiative” it protects people from medical impoverishment, indebtedness and forgoing care altogether.

At Heartfile, we seek act with integrity, to be inclusive, and to work co-operatively while always retaining our independence. We aim to be political and evidence-based in our positions, prioritize the good of people and strive to develop indigenous responses to health issues.

Heartfile was established by Dr Sania Nishtar, in 1998.

Dr. Sania Nishtar stepped down from all responsibilities at Heartfile in 2019.

View Heartfile factsheet here.