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Balochistan Stakeholders Meeting on Ehsaas


Sep 1, 2019, Dr. Sania Nishtar conducted stakeholder meeting with local dignitaries and civil society from Balochistan. Dr. Nishtar gave them a comprehensive presentation on Ehsaas framework that is whole of the government programme aimed to reduce inequality, invest in people, and lift lagging districts. The stakeholders from Balochistan were apprised that Ehsaas currently embodies 134 policy actions whose implementation is the responsibility of 34 federal ministries, divisions and agencies in close coordination with provincial governments. These policy actions may be expanded as the process of consultations on the program, further widens. Dr. Nishtar mainly talked about Prime Minister’s vision on which Ehsaas has been based. “The Government envisages Pakistan to be a ‘welfare state’ based on the principles of Islamic ideology similar to those put in place by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Madina. Our commitment is to form a welfare state where rule of law, meritocracy, transparency and accountability in governance are guaranteed, where equal opportunity exists for all and where social welfare is provided to all those who need it”, Dr. Nishtar added. Further, she said that Prime Minister of Pakistan in each of the cabinet meetings lays special emphasis on welfare of the marginalized and asks each of the cabinet members about measures that have been done by their Ministries for the welfare of people.