How can we promote health together?

Paola Ardiles

Improving health and well-being varies, as we all bring diverse values and cultures to our understanding of health. For some, it can be going for a yearly check-up at their family physician’s office, or participating in sports or recreation.  For others, it may look like young people playing and enjoying music together, taking part in a traditional healing ceremony, or wanting our children have access to healthy foods and good schools.

We also have different understandings of what are the conditions needed to create healthy communities. For example, some prioritize evidence-based government policies that impact the health care system, but also on the larger social and environmental conditions that impact health, such as housing, income and education. However, others may emphasize the engagement of youth, parents or elders in our communities as they play a critical role in supporting and empowering individuals and families to be healthy, by creating safe spaces and a sense of belonging that fosters resilience and coping.

We recognize the urgent need to bridge these different perspectives and experiences in order to value all the parts contributing to health and well-being, regardless of our gender, age, education, ethnicity, culture, geographic location or social status.

Simply put, when we truly share all the knowledge we have gathered across cultures and disciplines, and when we can share our resources responsibly, we will create health and wellbeing as a fundamental right for our future generations.

Bridge 4 Health© is a dynamic collective platform to encourage collaboration and engagement to promote health & well-being for all.

Bridge for Health Network was founded in February 2013, as a local non-for-profit network in Vancouver, Canada. In the fall of 2013, Bridge for Health is expanding globally.

The Network is aimed to be a network of networks, to foster interdisciplinary collaboration between the art and science of health promotion by bringing together people with different experiences, perspectives, ages and cultures; who all want to contribute towards the promotion of health and well-being for all.

If this mission and vision inspires you and/or your organization, we would love to hear from you!
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Paola Ardiles MHsc.
Founder &
Network Lead, Bridge for Health



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