The boy from Toba Tek Singh

Javed_IqbalJaved is a 29 year old bread-earner from a small village near Toba Tek Singh.  He got seriously injured in a road accident.  The whole family got disturbed as all of them were entirely dependent on him.  The victim as well as the family had to face untold hardships and miseries.  The primary hardship was the lack of money and other resources which became the most difficult hurdle to overcome.

He was hit by a speeding car, sustained injuries, was left lying by the road side until he was brought to PIMS by a passer-by.  He had a brief stay in the hospital and was discharged.  He went back home with a broken leg.  He returned for a follow up visit when he was re-admitted on account of sepsis in his leg.  Sepsis is a potentially deadly medical condition characterized by a whole body in inflammatory state.  He had been in acute pain, was pale and weak.  An amount of Rs.10,300 was requested for an external fixator for his injured leg.  The dilemma was that the family could not afford the cost and his case was referred to Heartfile for support.

The family of 9 earned only Rs.7,000 as bonded labourers and could only afford some drugs which were met with borrowed money.  The cost of transport, relocation, maintenance and the support of attendants in Islamabad were again spent with the loan from the landlord.  Javed had become bonded when they incurred high interest loans from the local landlord.  Thus, the were compelled, generation after generation, to work at very low wages to pay off the debt.  They continued to be among the poorest and most vulnerable in their village.  Irshad shared that during harvest time he worked up to 14 hours a day in return of Rs.100.  He added that he had no other choice as he was trapped in debt and perpetual bondage.

Javed will be discharged after the procedure.  He will return to the village, will not be able to work until the time he gets better.  Would the family afford to bring him back for a follow up X-ray.  The cost for the family has been very high and they cannot afford to envision any more spending.


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