About Pakistan’s Health Policy Forum (PHPF)

Heartfile established Pakistan’s Health Policy Forum (PHPF) on August 6, 2006, including a Debut Meet and associated press coverage. The original purpose of the Forum was to mainstream the voice and contributions of the civil society and the people into the decision making process in the health sector in Pakistan. The Forum’s original strategic and operational parameters are articulated in its Statement document. Membership of the Forum is broad-based and is by invitation. Organized on democratic principles, the Forum is free of any party, political or religious affiliations.
Members of the Forum have previously engaged in Heartfile’s initiatives in the area of strengthening the evidence base for health reform by providing feedback, through their participation in meetings and by generating dialogue on Heartfile’s viewpoints.
More recently, Heartfile has launched the Heartfile eForum, which features commentaries, resources and updates on Pakistan and global health and population-relevant development issues. The eForum is not just a virtual discussion portal for policy issues, but also an archive and a sounding board for issues to be identified, which Heartfile frames for deeper discussion through Webinars. It also showcases patients supported through the Heartfile Health Financing initiative.