The case for including Family Planning in the post-2015 framework

This issue of the Bulletin of the World Health Organization, Tricia Petruney and Colleagues argue why Family Planning needs to be part of the post 2015 goals. They state that “A multitude of stakeholders have since [2010, which is when evidence showed family planning’s connection to all eight MDGs] advocated for family planning to be […]

Girl Summit 2014

 If you are not in London attending the Girl Summit this week, it doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the global movement, which the Summit envisages rallying to end child, early and forced marriage (CEFM) and female genital mutilation (FGM) for all girls within a generation. Pledge support for this through Twitter and Facebook. The conference, which […]

The Right to Reproductive Healthcare in Pakistan: The Voice of Women

This comment summarizes the key findings of the captioned report. The full report can be accessed here. As a context it is important to recognize that Pakistan’s slow progress in achieving the Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5 is reflected in its high burden of maternal and child mortality, third highest on the international platform.  The […]

The 20th International AIDS Conference has commenced

The 20th International AIDS Conference being held in Melbourne, Australia started on a somber note as it mourned the loss of 6 of its colleagues, who were on way to attend this international event and did not make it – their lives lost to a tragic event as the Malaysian airliner they were traveling on […]

Health promotion through eHealth: The case of mDiabetes in Senegal

Recently a post on the WHO website caught my eye. The title is self explanatory. “Mobile phones help people with diabetes to manage fasting and feasting during Ramadan”. We at Heartfile are heavily engaged in the use of mobile phones, with Heartfile Health Financing (HHF) which is an mHealth enabled social protection system protecting poor […]

Launching our Reproductive Health eBulletin

Saba Amjad

We are pleased to be launching today our Reproductive Health eBulletin, in order to engage in targeted advocacy to overcome systems’ constraints in the Family Planning and Reproductive Health sector (FP & RH) in Pakistan. The Reproductive Health eBulletin is one of the newsletters of the Heartfile-hosted Pakistan Health Policy Forum, a membership-based entity, supported […]

IFPRI’s 2013 Global Food Policy Report launch

“Central to post-2015 development agenda discussions is the goal of eliminating extreme poverty by 2030. Though ambitious and laudable, this goal is not enough. With one in eight people suffering from hunger today, and nearly 2 billion affected by hidden hunger (micronutrient deficiencies), IFPRI’s 2013 Global Food Policy Report suggests that it is equally important to eliminate […]

Medical Tourism: Crossing Borders for Healthcare

Medical Tourism Why Would 8 million people cross borders for healthcare? Including 1/300 in the U.S.? 20% of Americans struggle to pay medical bills 3 out of 5 bankruptcies are due to medical bills. That’s 1.7 million Americans Or 248,002 in California 113,524 in Illinois and 99,780 in Florida alone. Who could save… India: 65-90% […]

AIDS Today: The Facts, Figures, and Trajectory of a Global Illness

AIDS TODAY: The facts, figures, and trajectory of a global illness. Over much of the last 30 years AIDS contraction has accelerated. But it’s finally stabilized. CURRENT HOTSPOTS: North America:  1.1 million living with HIV/AIDS (.6% of adult population) 65,000 new infections yearly 20,000 AIDS related deaths yearly South America: 2 million living with HIV/AIDS […]

Pakistan’s 2013 MDG Report: A reality check

Last month, the Planning Commission and the United Nations Development Project jointly released Pakistan’s Millennium Development Goals Report. The comprehensive report, fifth in its series was aimed at assessing Pakistan’s progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals, documenting successes and challenges towards achieving these goals, galvanize for a final push and finally to help frame […]