Protection and Promotion of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a free service that a newborn can avail immediately after birth and this is his or her right as well. Said Mr. David Skinner, Country Director, Save the Children, Pakistan at the National Conference on Breastfeeding-A Roadmap for Promotion and Protection, held on October 04, 2013, in Islamabad.  This event was organized under […]

“Islamabad Health Equity Model” by Dr. Orooj Hasan

Genuine, professional and original data base along with an honest and sincere analysis is very rare in the developing world. Road maps for development, based on concocted data, infrequently achieve significant results. The book, “Islamabad Health Equity Model” is the first of its type on this specific theme in the entire region. It provides an […] – The Innovative of Healthcare Financing

When in 1995 entrepreneur Jeff Bezos launched from his garage in Seattle (USA), fewer than 1 in 200 people worldwide had internet access and online shopping was just a year old. Today, Bezos’ innovative website has made the world’s largest online retailer, with $60 billion in annual sales – $170 million a day. […]

How can we promote health together?

Improving health and well-being varies, as we all bring diverse values and cultures to our understanding of health. For some, it can be going for a yearly check-up at their family physician’s office, or participating in sports or recreation.  For others, it may look like young people playing and enjoying music together, taking part in […]

Undernutrition: An unfinished agenda

“Nutrition is crucial to both individual and national development. The evidence in the Lancet Series on Maternal and Child Nutrition furthers the evidence base that good nutrition is a fundamental driver of a wide range of developmental goals. “The post 2015 sustainable development agenda must put addressing all forms of malnutrition at the top of […]

Public Health: A Hidden Benefit of Pakistan-India Trade Normalization

One of the early top priorities of newly elected Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is improving relations with India. Sharif, who has long advocated for a closer relationship, is particularly keen to normalize commercial ties with New Delhi. The prospects for Pakistan-India trade normalization have been greatly enhanced ever since Islamabad announced, in late 2011, […]

HMIS/ICT in Support of MCH-Care

As pointed out earlier in my blog on a new strategy for immunization incl. the polio campaign, the use of linking District and Provincial healthcare management with local healthcare providers via Information & Communication Technology (ICT), keeping them informed for and about disease prevention, as well as prevalence, can be effectively used in Mother-& Child-Healthcare […]

The post-devolution family planning crisis

Pakistan is a country of 180+ million people, with a wavering economy of merely 3% GDP growth as compared to many Asian countries which are consistent at 7%. The political instability, war on terrorism, tense relations with the neighbors and dearth of macro and micro economic reforms have led the country into depths of poverty: economic […]