Health and Education

Health and education go together, but unfortunately one main similarity between them in Pakistan is that far too little money is devoted to both.  Of course, there is a national shortage of money, caused largely by the fact that the tax base is so tiny, but had there been political resolve to improve matters, the […]

From Shock and Shame to Action in the Polio Campaign

Being an activist in Rotary International’s participation in the anti-polio campaign I was shocked by the ruthless killings of the vaccinators, particularly as we feel partially responsible for sending them out there unprotected and with a meager funding for their daily expenses during the campaign. As we are all also responsible for protecting the children […]

Devolution in Pakistan

The devolution debate in Pakistan has raised a variety of important issues for the health system.  There appears to be a clear consensus in Pakistan that devolution to the provinces is an important advance but it has created several problems that suggest the need for some central agency to address national health issues.  There are […]

Memorial of 8th October

  I can still remember those horrible Draconian moments which engulfed thousands of my people on this day. It still leaves me trembling when the 8th Oct recalls me back to hair-raising Earthquake smashing into Pakistan in 2005. My heart beats aloud; Oh my God, it was all scary! Many called it God’s fury; some […]