Global Health Pledge

It’s World Health Day today. Year after year, the day serves to draw attention to pressing global health matters. With the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) soon to expire and discussions on a post-2015 framework underway, this year’s World Health Day comes at a time that might well mark a turning point for global health. At […]

CSOs contribution to universal health coverage into the Post-2015 agenda

Central to the post-2015 development agenda discussions is the goal of achieving universal health coverage as a quest for better health care, a demand for equity and a promise to eliminating extreme poverty by 2030 through sustainable development. Universal health coverage is not a new phenomenon, many countries including Japan and the United Kingdom had achieved […]

IFPRI’s 2013 Global Food Policy Report launch

“Central to post-2015 development agenda discussions is the goal of eliminating extreme poverty by 2030. Though ambitious and laudable, this goal is not enough. With one in eight people suffering from hunger today, and nearly 2 billion affected by hidden hunger (micronutrient deficiencies), IFPRI’s 2013 Global Food Policy Report suggests that it is equally important to eliminate […]

Grandmother’s eggs

Last month, a high powered technical Symposium on maternal and child health concluded at the flooded Oxford University Egrove Park with a message that can be captured in just one Cartoon. Projected as the last slide of Stephen Kennedy, the opening speaker’s presentation, the cartoon was framed in the setting of a racing track with a […]

AIDS Today: The Facts, Figures, and Trajectory of a Global Illness

AIDS TODAY: The facts, figures, and trajectory of a global illness. Over much of the last 30 years AIDS contraction has accelerated. But it’s finally stabilized. CURRENT HOTSPOTS: North America:  1.1 million living with HIV/AIDS (.6% of adult population) 65,000 new infections yearly 20,000 AIDS related deaths yearly South America: 2 million living with HIV/AIDS […]

Dr. Brundtland’s Impact on Global Health; We Must Stay the Course

I recently co-authored a piece in the journal Public Health about my esteemed colleague, Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the first female Prime Minister of Norway. A medical doctor who’s championed health as a human right and focused on sustainable development throughout her illustrious career, Dr. Brundtland […]

Spatial Relationships: Does Global Health Aid Go Where It’s Needed?

This is a joint post with Yuna Sakuma.  Funding for health in any country doesn’t always go where it’s needed most.  But this is particularly true where donors and national governments have to decide how to distribute scarce resources within a country and coordinate their efforts.  Often, governments don’t know where donors are spending their health funds, and […]