Heartfile, WHO and Ministry of Health host event calling for elimination of trans-fatty acids from Pakistan diet

  Islamabad, 11th July, 2019: Heartfile, WHO Pakistan and the Nutrition Wing of the Ministry of National Health Services Regulation and Coordination (MoNHSRC) co-hosted a dissemination event in Serena Hotel in Islamabad on 11th July 2019, to present findings from research on trans-fatty acids (TFAs) in Pakistan to key government and non-government stakeholders with a […]

Universal Health Coverage: a dream to be achieved

Human beings are concerned about their health and want to remain healthy. This desire to remain healthy is more pronounced when any disease or sickness afflicts someone. In today’s world health care is complex, costly and inaccessible. Accordingly, there is a requirement that healthcare should be affordable, accessible and of good quality. Health is a […]

Universal Health Care Day

  Pakistan is a signatory to the UN Resolution on Universal Healthcare of 2012. Providing universal healthcare (UHC) is a target in the Sustainable Development Goals adopted at the UN General Assembly in September 2015. Healthcare access to all citizens is constitutionally enshrined, yet many are deprived of the basic right to basic health care services. […]

A Glimpse from Dr. Mohammad AbdurRab’s Public Health Legacy

The sad demise of one of Pakistan’s leading epidemiologists and international civil servants, Dr. AbdurRab in the morning of August 8, 2015 in Toronto, Canada was a highly tragic event. Such moments raise memories and heighten emotions. Social media, colleagues, friends and family members remembered his exceptional character and rich public health service. To reiterate […]

Cardiovascular drug quality in Pakistan

When it comes to availability of quality medicines, we seem to have an end-to-end problem, from the very beginning of the supply chain all the way to the end. We have a whole menu of raging fires that need to be fought every day, with little respite for the affected public. We do not need […]

CGI Commitment saves lives in Peshawar, Pakistan

Just days before the horrific shooting at a school in Peshawar, Pakistan last December that killed at least 145 people (most of them children), two 40-foot ocean freight containers of medical supplies were delivered to Lady Reading Hospital. The hospital would soon become the site where most of the people injured were rushed to receive […]

World Cancer Day 2015: Statistics, facts and ‘Not Beyond Us’ theme

World Cancer Day, observed annually on 4 February, is dedicated to raising awareness of cancer and encouraging its prevention, detection and treatment. Cancers are among the leading causes of death worldwide, with approximately 14 million new cases and 8.2 million cancer-related deaths in 2012. Yet thanks to breakthroughs in research and treatment, cancer survival rates […]

Tabinda – Marital rape and gunshot victim

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Tabinda’s story is a shocking tale of abuse, survival and a woman’s unwavering will to live.  She survived a gruesome attack.  She was 28 years old, married off at 18 to a first cousin.  He had been abusive throughout.  She bore four kids despite constant abuse and stayed for ten long years.  She thought that […]