Summit on the Global Agenda 2014

For the last seven years, every November, around 800 thought leaders from around the world convene in the United Arab Emirates for the World Economic Forum’s Summit on the Global Agenda. Knitted as a global knowledge network of around 80 Global Agenda Councils on a wide range of subjects, the event is widely recognized as […]

Improving the Health of People and Planet, One Bite at a Time

What we put on our plates is key to solving some of today´s greatest health and environmental challenges. When I grew up in the early ’80s, my mother, a medical doctor, was an activist in a worldwide movement called International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear Wars. In those days, nuclear weapons were the biggest […]

14th August: great trepidations

Great trepidations shadow Independence Day. With the country’s increasing isolation in the arena of international politics, poor state performance, and a polarized society, Pakistan survives today primarily on the resilience of its people. This is a time to reflect on where we stand in the broader global context and appreciate the nature of the imperative. […]