The public health challenge of this century

A forty-five year old man at the prime of his life in Pakistan struggles with heart disease. He has been told that three of his major coronary arteries are critically blocked. His wife, at age 43 suffers from type 2 diabetes and has recently developed complications in both eyes, which could make her loose her […]

Improving the Health of People and Planet, One Bite at a Time

What we put on our plates is key to solving some of today´s greatest health and environmental challenges. When I grew up in the early ’80s, my mother, a medical doctor, was an activist in a worldwide movement called International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear Wars. In those days, nuclear weapons were the biggest […]

Poor Nutrition

As the deadline towards the MDG targets approaches, Pakistan remains one of the few countries that are struggling to meet these targets, especially Goal 4 and 5, which are directly related to the quality of maternal and child nutrition. Poor nutrition is probably now the single most significant preventable cause of ill- health and early […]

The elimination of global hunger – Is there hope?

World Food Day, which took place on the 16th October, was a day to reflect on global hunger and undernourishment  and the challenges posed by food insecurity on economies worldwide. . Building upon the World Food Summit pledge in 1996, world leaders at the UN Millennium Summit in 2000 vowed to half the proportion of people […]