Health Facilities for Rural Pakistan

Health facilities for rural poor in our country in the present state are in total disarray.The private sector does not find it financially viable to set up medical facilities in villages. The Basic Health Units and Rural dispensaries, set up by the provincial and district governments in some villages, mostly have no doctors and the […]

Visits: Heartfile Financing (Oct 22)

I saw four patients during my visit to the hospital today. Each one of them has a story which reflects blatant policy inattention, which undermines the core prerequisites of human security. First, there was a young woman who had attempted suicide by ingesting cheap corrosives because her sister-in-law beat her incessantly, now in the hospital with […]

International Profiles of Health Care Systems 2012

The Commonwealth Fund’s recent publication, authored by Thomson, Osborn, Squires, and Jun, which profiles Health Care Systems of selected countries is available online at -Ends- Mariam Malik (Blog moderator) Senior Research and Communications Associate Heartfile

Global Traction Towards Universal Health Coverage

Global traction towards Universal Health Coverage has resonated since the release of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) World Health Report 2010, where the Director General of the WHO, Margaret Chan stated that “Universal Health Coverage is the single most powerful concept that public health has to offer.” This year, the world’s premier health journal, the Lancet launched its special series on […]