Health and Human Security

By expanding the scope of public health to embrace and propagate the principles of human security, Pakistan and the global community could create sustainable practices through which all people would be healthier and more secure. Human security is an evolving concept for organizing societal endeavors in the tradition of public health.  It places the welfare […]

Measles Outbreak in Sindh

As many as 210 children have tragically lost their lives to a measles outbreak in Sindh during 2012, with no signs of a let up in sight. The outbreak is not an overnight phenomenon. An upward trend in measles cases was noticed in the in the southern districts of the province including Karachi city in […]

From Shock and Shame to Action in the Polio Campaign

Being an activist in Rotary International’s participation in the anti-polio campaign I was shocked by the ruthless killings of the vaccinators, particularly as we feel partially responsible for sending them out there unprotected and with a meager funding for their daily expenses during the campaign. As we are all also responsible for protecting the children […]