Catalyzing change through partnerships

With the rapidly evolving global context, challenges facing public health such as accessibility, high cost of healthcare and delayed responsiveness of the healthcare systems are arguably systematic and governance related. This neither can be addressed by a single skill set, nor is it the responsibility of a single profession. Solutions would emerge from interdisciplinary collaboration […]

Harnessing Innovation for Universal Health Coverage

Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is gaining traction as an umbrella goal of international health development, championed by the Millennium Development Goals campaign and the United Nations, but despite broad-based support for the principals underlying UHC, the road to implementation as a social policy faces numerous challenges. Pakistan’s health equity fund model, Heartfile Health Financing (HHF), […]

Zulikha – 16 year old Tuberculosis (TB) patient

The ill girl is almost inevitably and sympathetically a beautiful girl with a smooth tanned complexion, dark brown eyes, dark brown hair and wearing dozens of bangles.  The hope is that she stays alive to see another autumn.  She was only 16 years old– young with a life that seemed to be full of promise, but […]

International Women’s Day

Heartfile, true to the 2013 theme of International Women’s Day – ‘A Promise is a Promise: Time for Action to End Violence Against Women’ has been instrumental in reaching out to victims of violence in Pakistan. The story of a Heartfile Financing-supported patient I am about to share, although tragic, appropriately depicts today’s theme.  Her […]

Providing healthcare

President Barack Obama’s re-election has ensured that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, arguably the president’s biggest legislative triumph of his first term, will be implemented. The law continues to be divisive, and has attracted both strong backers and equally fervent opponents. What is not debatable is the importance of healthcare, with exit polls […]

Heartfile’s 2012 Clinton Global Initiative Commitment

At the end of September, our President and Founder Dr Sania Nishtar spent an inspiring few days at the eighth annual Clinton Global Initiative Meeting in New York. It was a meeting of minds where over 1,000 global leaders, CEOs, scientists, philanthropists, innovators, NGOs and journalists convened to forge solutions to the world’s most pressing […]