HIV/AIDS : Worth the fight

The imperatives for building awareness about AIDS stems from the very pandemic nature of the disease. This year’s theme for the World AIDS Day was “Shared responsibility: Strengthening results for an AIDS free generation”, marking the campaign’s 26th year anniversary. Since 1988 to date, there has been massive progress in the eradication of the once […]

Diabetes soars in Pakistan’s urban centres

The prevalence of type 2 diabetes is skyrocketing throughout Pakistan’s urban centres that grow daily as migrants arrive from rural areas. In response, the International Diabetes Federation and Diabetic Association of Pakistan lead awareness, education and prevention campaigns peaking on World Diabetes Day. In Pakistan, approximately 120 000 people die annually of diabetes-related complications. Even […]

A message from Prof. Samad Shera on World Diabetes Day

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and World Health Organisation(WHO) are holding World Diabetes Day since 1991 in response to growing concerns about the escalating threat of diabetes worldwide. World Diabetes Day has also become United Nation’s Day since 2007. The theme of the World Diabetes Day for 2009-2013 is “Diabetes Education and Prevention”. The Campaign […]

Latest Research on Tobacco Use and Health Care Cost Has Global Implications

This month’s articles on health care costs and tobacco control in the South African Medical Journal (SAMJ) have far reaching implications beyond the shores of South Africa. The latest Global Burden of Disease data (Lancet, 2012) show that two of the top three risk factors that contribute to the highest burden of disease in Western Europe and the U.S. […]

How can we promote health together?

Improving health and well-being varies, as we all bring diverse values and cultures to our understanding of health. For some, it can be going for a yearly check-up at their family physician’s office, or participating in sports or recreation.  For others, it may look like young people playing and enjoying music together, taking part in […]

Butchers galore

Lying in a surgical unit of the Khyber Teaching Hospital in Peshawar is an elderly woman with half her abdominal wall practically eaten away by infection – the outcome of a surgery carried out in a district hospital, which was mismanaged in the first place and became infected later. She has several gaping openings, through […]

WHO Releases World Health Report 2013: Research for Universal Health Coverage

The World Health Organization launched the “World Health Report 2013:  Research for Universal Health Coverage” in Beijing on August 14th, 2013. This report resonates the 2010, World Health Report on “Health Systems Financing: The path to universal coverage”. The interest in universal health coverage has only grown since then as Dr. Margaret Chan, WHO Director […]

Public Health: A Hidden Benefit of Pakistan-India Trade Normalization

One of the early top priorities of newly elected Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is improving relations with India. Sharif, who has long advocated for a closer relationship, is particularly keen to normalize commercial ties with New Delhi. The prospects for Pakistan-India trade normalization have been greatly enhanced ever since Islamabad announced, in late 2011, […]