HMIS/ICT in Support of MCH-Care

As pointed out earlier in my blog on a new strategy for immunization incl. the polio campaign, the use of linking District and Provincial healthcare management with local healthcare providers via Information & Communication Technology (ICT), keeping them informed for and about disease prevention, as well as prevalence, can be effectively used in Mother-& Child-Healthcare […]

The post-devolution family planning crisis

Pakistan is a country of 180+ million people, with a wavering economy of merely 3% GDP growth as compared to many Asian countries which are consistent at 7%. The political instability, war on terrorism, tense relations with the neighbors and dearth of macro and micro economic reforms have led the country into depths of poverty: economic […]

World No Tobacco Day, “Ban all forms of Tobacco Advertising, Promotion & Sponsorship (TAPS)”

Analysis of the collected data from the Report “Monitoring of Tobacco Advertising, Promotion & Sponsorship (TAPS) and Point of Sale Advertising” reveals that Point of Sale (POS) advertisement is observed at 78% of the tobacco retail places, 77% POS are using “Power walls and Fascia” for tobacco advertising, beneficiary schemes for retailers observed at 32% of monitored POS . Further, […]

World No Tobacco Day 2013: Not just another day

The 31st of May 2013 will mark the 26th year of successive observance of World No Tobacco Day across the world, when WHO Member States resolved to commemorate a day every year to say NO to use of tobacco through a World Health Assembly Resolution in 1988. While this year’s message calls  to  ‘free ourselves’ […]

Book launch of Capturing the Demographic Dividend in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the fastest growing nations in the world. It risks being the fifth most populous country in the world, given the current status of the rapid population growth according to a report by UNFPA. Rapid population growth poses an economic challenge to a country as it requires more resources for sustainable development. […]

The Hypertension Myth

The whole concept of World Hypertension Day is misguided because it perpetutes an unfortunate myth – it implies that we can deal with “hypertension” (i.e. raised blood pressure) problem through treatment.  Based on current knowledge and experiences, reductions in population blood pressure levels will be most efficiently achieved through salt intake reduction and this should […]

Seth Berkley on Immunization in Pakistan

Every child, no matter where he or she is born, should have the opportunity and the right to a healthy life, and vaccines are one of the best ways to provide that. Not only do they save lives and prevent disease, enabling children to grow up and lead productive lives, but vaccines are also very […]

Consign TB Tragedy of ‘La Bohème’ Finally to History

For more than a century, La bohème, the opera, set in 19th century Paris, has moved audiences to tears with a heroine who dies of tuberculosis. Since the 1950s, audiences could head home without worrying about catching the disease themselves, which no longer posed a real threat in Paris, Milan, Vienna or New York. But, […]

World Water Day: Interlacing of Water and Health

Water is the key element of life. For over a decade, March 22 has been marked as the World Water Day to high light the importance of fresh water and the importance of sustainable management this natural resource. Due to the uneven distribution of water, which is an undermining denominator of leading challenges including sanitation, […]