Poverty and tuberculosis reinforce each other

A 30 year-old male patient was admitted to Lady Reading hospital in Peshawar with 2 months history of high fever, cough and shortness of breath and chest pain.  He shared of anxieties of being sick for so long.  Imtiaz spoke of ten or more episodes of fever and cough over more than two months, each […]

Consign TB Tragedy of ‘La Bohème’ Finally to History

For more than a century, La bohème, the opera, set in 19th century Paris, has moved audiences to tears with a heroine who dies of tuberculosis. Since the 1950s, audiences could head home without worrying about catching the disease themselves, which no longer posed a real threat in Paris, Milan, Vienna or New York. But, […]

World Tuberculosis Day: Insights on Fight Against TB in Pakistan

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is the major strategic partner in Tuberculosis control in Pakistan . Roughly 90% of Anti-TB drugs, equipment and specialized infrastructure are funded through Global Fund grants which are managed by the National Tuberculosis Program, Greenstar Social Marketing and Mercy Corps. Over the past 10 years we […]

Zulikha – 16 year old Tuberculosis (TB) patient

The ill girl is almost inevitably and sympathetically a beautiful girl with a smooth tanned complexion, dark brown eyes, dark brown hair and wearing dozens of bangles.  The hope is that she stays alive to see another autumn.  She was only 16 years old– young with a life that seemed to be full of promise, but […]