Immunization in Pakistan

It is World Immunization Week and the global health community can celebrate the fact that a large share of the world’s children no longer suffer illness and death due to vaccine preventable diseases. However, the families of Pakistan still suffer greatly; children in Pakistan are less likely to have benefitted from the cost-effective intervention of […]

Building a sustainable post-2015 agenda with vaccines

I am delighted to participate to the European Development Days (EDD), Europe’s premier forum on international affairs and development cooperation organised by the European Commission. It is a landmark event in the development calendar and an important opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with European development practitioners and partners worldwide. It is also a major […]

Measles Outbreak: a need for action

After water and sanitation, childhood immunization is considered to be the greatest public health intervention, saving millions of lives each year.  Childhood vaccination is one of the simplest and the most cost-effective objective of an efficient health system. Yet the recent havoc that Measles has played in Pakistan tells a different story. It undermines the […]

Pakistan’s Polio Priorities

When Pakistan’s new government is sworn in on Wednesday it has a historic opportunity. The new administration under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif could be the government to eradicate polio from Pakistan, one of three countries where the crippling disease remains endemic. But they must overcome critical challenges to succeed. From providing security to health […]

Ghana Health Service: It works

I accompanied GAVI CEO, Dr Seth Berkley, on a joint country visit with Mr.  Bill Gates to Ghana two weeks ago.  This was Mr Gates first visit with the Ghana Health Service. We spent our first morning on the field, visiting more specifically the Community-based Health Planning and Services initiative’s compound which is part of […]

Seth Berkley on Immunization in Pakistan

Every child, no matter where he or she is born, should have the opportunity and the right to a healthy life, and vaccines are one of the best ways to provide that. Not only do they save lives and prevent disease, enabling children to grow up and lead productive lives, but vaccines are also very […]

Health and Human Security

By expanding the scope of public health to embrace and propagate the principles of human security, Pakistan and the global community could create sustainable practices through which all people would be healthier and more secure. Human security is an evolving concept for organizing societal endeavors in the tradition of public health.  It places the welfare […]

Polio and Pakistan: Great Trepidations

The brutal assassination of nine grass roots level health workers in Pakistan, who were involved in a door-to-door immunization campaign in an attempt to secure children from crippling polio, adds an unprecedentedly grave dimension to the ongoing carnage in Pakistan. Pakistan’s parliament was quick in passing a unanimous resolution and there was widespread condemnation from […]

From Shock and Shame to Action in the Polio Campaign

Being an activist in Rotary International’s participation in the anti-polio campaign I was shocked by the ruthless killings of the vaccinators, particularly as we feel partially responsible for sending them out there unprotected and with a meager funding for their daily expenses during the campaign. As we are all also responsible for protecting the children […]