The Global Maternal Health Conference in Arusha – Movement Momentum Manifesto

Authors: Mariam Claeson, France Donnay, Melanie Walker, Kate Teela, Becky Ferguson and Joel Segre Although the Maternal Health Task Force intended to create space for the Maternal Health community to get together to discuss challenges and solutions so that we can improve programs, the Global Maternal Health Conference 2013: Improving Quality of care in Arusha, Tanzania […]

Violence Against Women

Violence against women has existed throughout recorded history and continues to this day. According to the World Health Organization, “Violence against women and girls is a major health and human rights concern. Women can experience physical or mental abuse throughout their lifecycle, in infancy, childhood and/or adolescence, or during adulthood or older age.” (1) In […]

“End Fistula Challenge” Launched in Pakistan

Written by Lindsey Pollaczek, Senior Program Manager on January 3, 2013 / As the New Year begins, Direct Relief is excited to announce a new program that aims to significantly increase the availability of obstetric fistula treatment and to improve prevention efforts to reduce the occurrence of this devastating childbirth injury in Pakistan. Obstetric fistula […]