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Heartfile releases an abridged Urdu version of their earlier documentary film highlighting the prevalence of industrially-produced Trans-fats (iTFAs) in Pakistan’s dietary sources and how to save population of Pakistan from exposure to related health risks


15 December 2020: Heartfile publishes an abridged version https://youtu.be/P2rSiYS2GzU of their iTFA documentary  which was released earlier by Heartfile on 11 November 2020. This abridged version is in Urdu which increases its outreach to millions of Pakistanis and complements the original English version for Non-Urdu speaking / international audience. Like its earlier English counterpart,  the documentary essentially delivers the same earlier message  of highlighting the prevalence as well as hazards of high levels of iTFA intake and the importance of all key stakeholders (i.e. the Government, the Producers and the Consumers) coming together for coordinated actions to reduce iTFA intake at population level. Making it available in Urdu  makes it even more understandable to the nation’s ordinary Urdu speaking public. The unabridged  English version can be watched at https://youtu.be/RnSJpW6Vnvo