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Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan, World Health Organization, Pakistan and Heartfile

Memorandum of Understanding
This Memorandum of Understanding is between
The World Health Organization
And Heartfile, Pakistan
National Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Non Communicable Diseases
This memorandum of understanding is made at Islamabad on this 30th day of April, 2003 by Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan, World Health Organization, Pakistan and Heartfile, Pakistan
Recognizing that Non Communicable Disease (NCD) prevention and control should now become one of the priority areas in the health sector in Pakistan and that the commitment of the Government is essential to take appropriate measures at a national level to address this issue;Mindful of the clear evidence that (a) prevention and control is a multifaceted issue warranting changes at several levels; (b) this involves the behavioural, social, political and economic will to forge these changes at the level of the individual, the community, the health system and the health policy maker (c) this framework necessitates advocacy, health promotion and professional education involving the health system as well as related sectors (d) this requires from the health and related sectors, institutions and professionals a creative effort in the proposition of policies and actions to effectively address this issue;Acknowledging that these considerations warrant that the NCD control strategy in Pakistan should be formulated with inputs from all of the key stakeholders and that the role of specialized individuals and organizations is crucial in assisting the Ministry of Health in the formulation of the NCD prevention and control strategy;
Aware of the fact that the role of WHO would be crucial to the development of the National Action Plan on NCD Prevention and Control in Pakistan;

Noting that Heartfile is the leading Non Governmental Organization, which has the technical expertise to assist the Ministry of Health and WHO Pakistan in the formulation of the NCD prevention and control strategy for Pakistan;


Heartfile will:

  • Take a lead role in the process of developing the Gateway Health Policy Scaffold; assume responsibility for analysis and interpretation and the articulation of a policy framework linking-in with the Gateway Paper approach to health systems;
  • utilize its secretariat to logistically support this process;
  • solicit inputs from members of the Health Policy Think Tank/Forum; and
  • Authorize use of Heartfile and Pakistan’s Health Policy Forums logos on approved materials.




This MOU involves developing a tripartite collaboration between the Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization and Heartfile, Pakistan to develop the National Action Plan on Non communicable Disease Prevention and Control in Pakistan




  • Co-chair and co host meetings and actively participate in the consultative process
  • Facilitate the participation of all relevant personnel
  • Provide, wherever possible logistic support to this activity
  • Partner with Heartfile and the World Health Organization for the implementation of NCD prevention and control activities; such partnerships would involve the sharing of logos of the Ministry of Health, WHO and Heartfile
  • Adopt the National Action Plan for NCD Prevention and Control as an official document of the Ministry of Health after seeking approval of all the stakeholders




  • Co-chair and co host meetings and proactively participate in all meetings of the forum
  • Provide consultative support
  • Provide expert and diverse opinions and counsel all stakeholders of the project whenever required
  • Review and endorse all outputs for final publication
  • Authorize use of logo(s) on approved materials
  • Provide additional support whenever appropriately required




  • Co-chair and co host meetings and take a lead role in coordinating the consultative process
  • Initiate the process in collaboration with all stakeholders and liaise with them at each stage of formulation of the National Action Plan on Non Communicable Disease Prevention and Control.
  • Take a lead role to coordinate activities and establish a secretariat to support such activities.
  • Establish National and Regional Committees comprising of broad based representation mutually agreed between stakeholders to facilitate development of NCD- related polices and proposals.
  • Take proactive measures to mobilize a panel comprising of International Experts to provide inputs on developing the National Action plan.
  • Conduct a situational analysis, draft reports and obtain concurrence through consultative processes from all stakeholders to formalize a strategic line of action for NCD prevention and control in Pakistan.
  • Collect evidence, collate feedback from stakeholders and develop/consolidate the National Action Plan for NCD Prevention and Control for final approval from the Ministry of Health, GOP.

In witness whereof, this MOU is signed the day and year first above written

Dr. Sania Nishtar
Heartfile (RS/ICT/317 of 1999; registered under
the Societies registration act of 1860)
Dr. Khalif Mahmoud Bile
WHO Representative in Pakistan
Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed
Deputy Director General
Ministry of Health
Government of Pakistan