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National Action Plan on NCDs: a historical perspective


In the initial stages of its development, Heartfile used innovative approaches of advocacy, leveraging social marketing and the use of media. This and other advocacy approaches enabled Heartfile to convince the government of the need for a public health programme on NCDs in Pakistan. Subsequently, Heartfile became part of a tripartite public-private partnership involving the Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan, and the World Health Organization for development and implementation of a National Action Plan for Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases and Health Promotion in Pakistan (NAP-NCD). Details about the terms of this agreement , launching of the initiative , planning meetings leading to its development and the release of the NAP-NCD are posted online. Heartfile also took a lead role in helping initiate the process of implementation of this plan on a pro bono basis; various stages of implementation of the pilot can also be viewed. Heartfile’s current objective is to institutionalize this programme in the Ministry of Health The mentioned NAP-NCD can also be downloaded here