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NCD Case Studies


NCD 10 country case studies

NCDs are the biggest global killers and the leading cause of preventable morbidity and disability but have remained outside of development planning in the past. With the inclusion of NCDs as a target in SDG 3, countries are beginning to accord attention to NCDs. However sustainable domestic financing to implement national NCDs plans is still a challenge and within NCDs programs, funds are disproportionately allocated to treatment rather than prevention despite the latter being far more cost-effective. With this context, the project, “Financing of NCD prevention in LMICs: action-oriented policy research” was undertaken by Heartfile with support from the IDRC – International Development Research Centre (Canada)

The objective is to develop 10 case studies focusing on LMIC initiatives that have either been able to develop and deploy, or developed and failed to deploy, or intended but failed to develop upstream NCD prevention policies.

Methods for the case studies
Case Study: Belarus
Case Study: Jamaica
Case Study: Kenya
Case Study: Mongolia
Case Study: Pakistan
Case Study: Sri Lanka
Case Study: Tonga
Case Study: Vietnam
Case Study: Zambia
Case Study: Iran