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World Innovation Summit for Health 2016, Doha, Qatar

November 30, 2016: The 2016 World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) was held in Doha from November 29 to 30, 2016. The invitation only event was attended by experts from all around the world. The conference is now recognised as a major international event in global health. Dr. Sania Nishtar participated in the conference as a panellist in the plenary session “Global Diffusion of Healthcare Innovation”. The Panel was moderated by Mishal Husain. H.E. Minister of Health of Oman, Dr Ahmed Mohammed Obaid Al Saidi, was also one of the panelists.


World Economic Forum’s Network of Global Future Councils

November 15, 2016: The World Economic Forum’s Network of Global Future Councils—the world’s foremost interdisciplinary knowledge network dedicated to promoting innovative thinking on the future—met in Dubai on November 13-14, 2016. This initiative comprises 35 Councils, which focus on challenges that are global in nature. The Future of Health and Healthcare is one of the Future Councils and is co-chaired by Dr. Sania Nishtar, along with Dr. Andre Goy, a celebrated US based oncologist. Both the co-chairs convened a meeting of their council in Madinat Jumeriah conference center over the two days and chalked a plan for the way forward.


Heartfile at NCD Alliance Civil Society Workshop

NCD ALLIANCE/WHO EMRO held a capacity development workshop in Amman, Jordan on 15-16 August 2016 to increase the ability of Eastern Mediterranean Region’s civil societies to build effective NCD alliances and to engage in effective NCDs advocacy. The meeting was attended by diverse group of CSOs from the region. Dr Saba Amjad from Heartfile, participated in this training workshop as a member of its advisory group and presented an overview of the discussion paper on NCD Civil society case studies in NCD prevention and control in the region.


World Economic Forum’s GAC on Mental Health

World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Mental Health (2014-2016) has recently released a guide for Workplace Mental Health; the guide can be accessed here. Sania Nishtar served as Vice chair of the Council and promotes these seven actions towards a mentally healthy...

Our President to chair a UN international accountability panel

Dr Sania Nishtar to chair a UN international accountability panel

February 16, 2016: We are pleased to announce that our President, Dr. Sania Nishtar has been selected to chair the UN Secretary-General’s  Independent Accountability Panel (IAP), which is part of the Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health, launched in September last year to help further the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Agenda. The strategy builds on 15 years of progress under the Millennium Development Goals and is the most influential global movement today, on women, children and adolescents’ health. Since the new framework of the SDGs now demands results and real action, “accountability” is the pulse of the any new SDGs’ linked initiative. It is here that the Independent Accountability Panel assumes great importance as it is mandated and “empowered to command attention from the global community” and to “to monitor, review and act” in the interest of women, children and adolescents’ health, globally. Other members of the IAP include Alicia Eli Yamin (Harvard University, USA) Jaime Sepulveda (Mexico), Carmen Barroso (Brazil), Pali Lehohla (South Africa), Elizabeth Mason (UK), Vinod K. Paul (India), Giorgi Pkhakadze (Ukraine), and Dakshitha...


The WHO ECHO Commission Report Launch

Co-Chairs of the World Health Organization Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity, Sir Peter Gluckman, Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of New Zealand and our President Dr. Sania Nishtar have presented the Commission’s final report to the Director General of the World Health Organization on January 25 in Geneva. Together the two of them led a two-year process, which involved face-to-face meetings with more than a hundred countries in six continents, two online consultations, hearings with non-state actors and four meetings of the Commission itself to provide a report, details of which were featured by Time, Newsweek, the Guardian and many other international news avenues in late January. The consensus on the difficult and multi-dimensional issue of childhood obesity achieved through this report and the consultative process that preceded it, now paves the way for global action to address the alarming levels of childhood obesity and overweight globally. The report can be accessed


The Emerging Markets Symposium at Oxford University

Every year, for the last seven years, the Green Templeton College in Oxford hosts the Emerging Markets Symposium to promote solutions to high priority problems of human welfare in emerging market countries. The symposium "brings together authoritative and influential leaders from governments, the public and private sectors and academe to address critical sectoral issues". Previous Symposia have focused on Health and Healthcare (2009); Urbanisation, Health and Human Security (2011), Tertiary Education (2012) Gender Inequality (2013), Maternal and Child Health (2014) and Ageing (2015). The 2016 symposium held from Jan 7 to 10 focused on the Future of Young People in the Emerging Markets. Our president, Sania Nishtar attended the symposium, both in her capacity as member of the Steering Committee of the initiative as well as a participant.

The Emerging Markets Symposium at Oxford...

Partnership Building for NCDs at World Health Organization

December 9, 2015: The World Health Organization Dialogue on Strengthening International Cooperation for Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Control was held in Geneva on November 30, and December 1, 2015. Our President Sania Nishtar was one of the keynote speakers at the event and spoke about the imperative of linking demand for resources (financial technical and human resources) to available supply in order to support national responses to Non-Communicable diseases, prevention and control. Further details about the meeting can be accessed here

Our President Sania Nishtar, as one of the keynote speakers at the The World Health Organization Dialogue on Strengthening International Cooperation for Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Control held in...

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The Fourth ECHO Commission Meeting

December 8, 2015: The fourth and final meeting of the World Health Organization’s Ending Childhood Obesity Commission was held in Geneva on November 30, to December 1, 2015. Our President attended the two-day meeting in her capacity as co-chair of the commission. Further details about the commission can be accessed here. Our President, Sania Nishtar in Geneva at the fourth and final meeting of the World Health Organization’s Ending Childhood Obesity...

The Fourth Climate and Health Summit 2015

December 7, 2015: The fourth Climate and Health Summit was held on December 5, 2015, on the middle weekend of the 21st Conference of Parties negotiations in Paris. Focused on best practice sharing and emphasizing the need for investment in communities and health systems, the meeting concluded with a set of declarations. Our President Sania Nishtar was a speaker at the concluding session of the conference and spoke about the role of public policy in shaping the post 2015 landscape.

Our President Sania Nishtar was a speaker at the concluding session of the fourth Climate and Health...


Keynote at the World Cancer Leaders’ Summit

November 25, 2015: The World Cancer Leaders’ Summit, an annual high level convening hosted by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) was held in Istanbul on November 18, 2015. The meeting “provides an important forum to secure a coordinated, multileveled global response to address the spiraling cancer epidemic”. UICC is a Geneva based apex body with a membership of 900 organizations across 155 countries. Since the summit was held immediately after the UN’s pronouncement of the Sustainable Development Goals with their focus on partnerships as a key lever of delivery, its theme centered on international collaboration. Our President, Dr. Sania Nishtar was the keynote speaker alongside the Minister of Health of Turkey at the event. Her talk focused on conflict of interest management, which she explained in an interview “is the bedrock on which partnerships need to be framed”. Her detailed views on the subject can be accessed here: http://goo.gl/NzEbQM

Dr. Sania as the keynote speaker at the World Cancer Leaders'...

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Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity: the European Regional Consultation

October 29, 2015: The Ending Childhood Obesity Commission recently held its European regional consultation in Malta on October 29 and 30. The meeting was organized by the World Health Organization EURO regional office and the Government of Malta and was attended by countries from the region. This consultation is the last in a series of regional consultations, the Commission is holding globally to seek regional perspectives on the issue. The meeting was chaired by our President, Dr. Sania Nishtar, who co-chairs the Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity along with Sir Peter Gluckman, Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of New...