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Sania joins WB panel discussion in Washington on Harnessing Technology to Build Human Capital in South Asia


September 17, 2021 – Washington, DC: While in Washington Dr. Sania Nishtar joined the World Bank’s 7th One South Conversation on leveraging technologies to build human capital and greater resilience in South Asia. The World Bank’s Regional Integration, Cooperation and Engagement in South Asia hosted the public event that was broadcast on the World Bank Group Live Page. Dr. Sania was asked to share lessons for the region from COVID-19 Ehsaas Emergency Cash (EEC). The panel included senior policy makers and representatives from governments, tech entrepreneurs, academics, and civil society representatives from South Asia. The public event was moderated by Cecile Fruman, Director, Regional Integration and Engagement, South Asia. The discussions explored the ways converging technologies can overcome regional barriers, promote cross-country collaboration to support recovery from COVID and other shocks, and build human capital and adaptable resilience in South Asia. Full footage can be watched here.