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Sania Nishtar addresses a street vending webinar organized by PIDE


Dec 10, 2020 -Islamabad: SAPM Dr. Sania Nishtar was invited by PIDE to address a webinar, ‘Street Vendors in Islamabad – Voices from the Ground’.  The event was meant to present voices of both regulators and regulatees of local street economy. Addressing the webinar, Dr. Sania said, “Thank you PIDE for your work in the area of ‘Street Vending’—a critical contributor to livelihood promotion for the poor.” She further added, “Thanks for conducting a recent street vendors’ survey and sharing details. It will result in a more participatory approach for a strive to resolve this intractable issue.” Other expert panelists who came to the table were- Shahid Mahmood Member Planning Capital Development Authority, Shafaq Hashmi Chief Officer Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad, Zia Banday Senior Fellow PIDE, Fazal Hayat Coordinator of Street Vendors’ Survey Team, and Bedar Bakht and Muhammad Sajid Street Vendors from Karachi Company Islamabad. PIDE has teamed up with Ehsaas to establish an evidence-based support for the government to streamline governance and livelihood of street vendors in Pakistan.