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Trans Fats Elimination in Pakistan


Gallery TFA

WHO TFA Elimination Framework

The REPLACE action package provides a strategic approach to eliminating industrially-produced trans fat from national food supplies, with the goal of global elimination by 2023. The package comprises an overarching technical document that provides a rationale and framework for this integrated approach to trans fat elimination, along with six modules and additional web resources to facilitate implementation. Read More


Trans-Fatty Acid (TFA) Elimination in Pakistan: A situational Analysis

This report by Heartfile presents findings which highlight the dangers of TFA consumption and outlines the necessary steps and regulations for its removal in Pakistan. This report can be accessed here

Trans Fat Free by 2023 Report

This report presents case studies of six countries in different regions of the world that have enacted policies to eliminate industrially-produced trans fatty acids/trans fat (TFA) from their food supply. This report can be accessed here

Trans fat free by 2030 - Advocacy for trans fat elimination

Industrially produced trans-fatty acids have no known health benefits, and can be replaced with healthier alternatives. This webinar features different country experiences with proven strategies to reduce and eliminate exposure to artificial TFAs. This Report can be accessed here.

Policy Briefs

Trans-fatty Acid Elimination in Pakistan: A Policy Brief

The policy brief on Trans-fatty Acids (TFA) in Pakistan has been prepared by the World Health Organization (WHO), Ministry of National Health Services Regulations and Coordination (Nutrition Wing) and by Heartfile. This policy brief outlines the prevalence and sources of Trans-Fatty Acids in Pakistani diet and outlines a roadmap for TFA elimination for policymakers and civil society to consider in Pakistan’s context. This Policy can be accessed here.

Press Coverage

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